Star Stories

Website Design

I created this website out of a love for the constellations (if you haven’t guessed already – I’m a little passionate about it. *links to Save Andromeda and Curiosities of the sky projects). When I go to find star formation guides and constellation information I’m greeted by sites built in the early 90s that lack the beauty of the elements that they describe. Sure the illustrations can be great, especially when looking into mythology and the gods, but I wished for a site that captured the intensity of the night sky and enveloped me into those stories.

In comes Star Stories.

I wanted this site to be beautiful but also functional. I included not only stories from the constellations themselves, but also information about the cultures that created those stories and how that all connected. Also included is a page to search for the constellations visible in your own night sky, so you could read up on the stars you saw in your own backyard.

Having already built many illustrations of constellations for my Save Andromeda project, I was able to repurpose them for the web. I chose a brighter color pallet of turquoise, purple, pink and blue to accentuate the Hubble star images that were displayed as the backdrop.

Star Stories Website Device Mock Ups

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